Our service
can’t be duplicated.

“We believe we’re in the service business—not the sales business.”

Walter Stewart  |  Chairman

In 1981, I founded The Stewart Organization as a copier sales and service dealer. We had a handful of clients and a small office. Thirty years later, we've grown into one of the largest document equipment dealers in North America. Our business spans more than forty-five states, and we've opened offices in the major cities in Texas.

We've seen a lot of changes, but one thing that's remained consistent is our commitment to being a good partner. We believe we're in the service business—not the sales business—and we've built our company on that foundation. That means you'll work with highly-trained employees, from technicians to executives, that have been with us for years. Their experience and knowledge will help grow your business efficiently. It also means we won't up-sell you, because our staff is compensated on total performance, not short-term profits.

From our infrastructure to our attitude, we gear everything towards being your partner—for the long run. It's how we do business at The Stewart Organization.

And it's my commitment to you.

Walter Stewart  |  Chairman

Guaranteed service. Guaranteed time.

When you place a service call, we quickly meet your request.

If you're within 15 miles of our office, we'll be there in 90 minutes or less. If you're more than 15 miles from our office, we'll be there in 180 minutes or less.

And if we're not, we'll credit your bill for the machine needing service. 1% for every minute we're late—up to 100%. That means if we're two hours late, your next month is free.

You will not find a better service offer. We guarantee it.

Save dollars. Make sense.

“Streamline your billing. And get back your time.”

Jennifer Cerrato  |  Chief Financial Officer

You don't want to waste hours wading through complicated billing every month in order to control costs. We'll customize your billings so that you don't have to.

Just tell us how you'd like to see your reports, and we'll create a system to fit your exact specifications. That way you can spend more time on your business—and less time on bookkeeping.


Our dispatchers solve problems. Fast.

That's because our dispatchers know their area. They know their technicians. They may even know you.

This enables them to quickly assess your situation and correctly dispatch the call. Our field service managers then handle these calls and prioritize deployment, meaning our technicians spend more time servicing machines—and less time on the phone.

Big shots to new shops.
Coast to coast.

No matter who you are, we’ve got you covered.

Our largest customer has more than 10,000 units. Our smallest customer has one. We have clients from Alaska to Alabama. Miami to Minneapolis. New Hampshire to New Mexico.

So, no matter where you are or what you do—if you sell housewares in Missoula or run a warehouse in Missouri—we can customize a solution to fit your needs.

Faster installs. Lower costs. Free returns.

“We install in days, not weeks—at a lower cost to you. We also offer free returns.”

Mike Braswell  |  President

Instead of shipping machines all over the country, our dedicated national account representatives work with local dealers to source the equipment you need.

And unlike the ugly hidden features in most of our competitors' leases, we've done away with the automatic renewal terms. If you need to return your machine for any reason, just give us 30 days notice at the end of your lease and we'll remove your equipment at no cost.

We work hard to keep your business—not trap you in it.

Model technicians.

“We service machines, not territories.”

Our technicians are manufacturer-trained to support a handful of machine models, rather than every machine in a geographic territory. That means they have extensive experience with every unit they service.

They also keep all high-use parts in their car stock. On the rare occasion that they don't have the needed part with them, they will stay with your machine while we dispatch the part from our extensive local inventories.

And we compensate our technicians to keep your equipment running and minimize downtime and callbacks. It's why we use genuine parts from the original equipment manufacturer.

We treat your business like our own—by doing things right the first time.

Right-size your fleet. And budget.

We tailor solutions to fit your needs.

When you buy something off the shelf, it's rarely a perfect fit. It takes customized service to get it just right. The same is true for printers and copiers.

Since many of today's copiers are network-enabled as printers, we'll work with you to analyze your needs, streamline the number of machines you require—and save you money. Up to 30% off, in some cases.

We have the knowledge to help you create a smart solution—and the suppliers and partners to help you execute it.