We find the best people, and we keep them.

An organization can only be as good as its people. That's why we are more than confident in saying that we are the best. Our management team has over 20 years of experience with Stewart, as do most of our technicians. Our industry-low five percent employee turnover rate might be the result of providing the most competitive industry wages. Or it could be that our employees are proud to work for an organization that earnestly wants to take care of its customers. Either way, we've got the best, and we keep them.

Michael P. Braswell
Sam Campos
Director, Pricing & Analytics
Mark Curry
Senior Vice President, Service
Madhu Dandey
Chief Technology Officer
Steve Denson
Senior Vice President, Sales
Ben Kixmiller
Director, Solution Sales
Chief Financial Officer
Walter H. Stewart
Service Manager, Dallas/Ft Worth
Chief Operating Officer
Jim Tolbert
Vice President, Houston
Alex Davidoff
General Manager, San Antonio